Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sounding the Alarm

As stated in my contract which I signed in paw print before coming to live with Kirsten, one of my jobs is to be a watchdog. You can imagine I take this responsibility seriously. I suspect there are others out there who have a similar position in their household. Many of you, my fellows in letting off the timely warning bark, hope like I do to be the best one can be at this job. The following is the code I seek to follow everyday.

I am a watchdog. I serve the forces which guard my home and way of life. I am prepared to give my best to perform my duty.
I will act as a watchdog at all times whatever my situation. I will act as a watchdog while napping. I will act as a watchdog while eating. I will act as a watchdog while sleeping.
I will not fail to bark at the approach of any person to the house. I will not fail to bark at the approach of any animal to the house.
I will not cease barking until I am assured the situation has been ascertained as acceptable by Kirsten or myself.
I will not sound any alarm at Kirsten's approach to the house. I will her car or the way she holds her keys that she must instead be greeted with happy bounces and tail wags.
I will never forget that I am Kirsten's watchdog.

A honourable salute to all those who serve with me in homes of their own. Bark with pride, and know that you do not bark alone.



  1. My faithful Fern,
    I appreciate your invaluable efforts. Thanks for being a good girl.
    Love, Kirsten

  2. It is a tough job, but some dog must do it. I am lucky I have a brother to help me. He has been on the look-out for much longer than me so he has lots of helpful hints. He taught me to recognize the beep when John locks his car. I do mad loops around the house heralding John's arrival when I hear it!

    Keep up the good work - these humans would be totally unprepared without us.


  3. My guys definitely signed on for the 24-hour watch! They bark at ALL hours....silly boys.

  4. Way to go Fern! Your fellow Cardigans and relatives here at Raglan follow your code as well!